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Featured Couple and OUT OF DANIEL’S CLOSET

“Plus One No More”

When Cozy Couples began publishing last year I was the single one on staff, besides being the only Gay columnist. The idea at the time was, I guess, for a gay, single perspective on the couples with which I interact here. Not so sure I ever quite lived up to that expectation but I certainly tried.

Well, the single life appears to be in my past now. This summer I became involved in a relationship with a great guy I’d known for years. Flirtations at work quickly morphed into something neither of us fully expected. So, this column will be taking an entirely different direction!

Our first date was Friday, July 13th…a late lunch and a Haunted Tour of the city that didn’t come off as planned but we did get to spend the evening talking about this and that while waiting in line for the tour that never happened. When we decided neither of us could stay up much longer to wait for the tour tram, I walked him to his pick-up and we said I farewells with a polite little smooch and promises to call tomorrow.

And yes that’s how it really happened! In a manner totally unique to Gay Culture we didn’t fall into bed, have outrageous sex and move in together next day. Robbie,(yes, forgot to tell you his name) and I did go on more dates, almost daily contact with only one or two breaks and on July 23rd pretty much decided we would start seeing each other exclusively. And our adventure in getting to know each other continues, as we build a relationship devoted to constructing a coupling based on love and understanding rather than sexual attraction (Oh, don’t worry, there’s plenty of that!!!).

We have a lot of hurdles to surmount. For one thing is the difference in our ages, although the good news is Robbie is older than my son and I am younger than his father. Early on we have been met with challenges, the recent death from cancer of my ex-wife being just one. But we are working together on all that life is throwing us, developing a genuine partnership as we go.

Hmmm, may have to change the title of the column to Adventures Out Of Daniel’s Closet!