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Fall makes me crave Grilled Cheese and soup….tomato soup to be exact.  I don’t even like soup most of the time, but Fall screams for it.  These are all variations on that American staple.  Just please don’t ask me to make it with that fake cheese they call American.  Melty and tasty? Sure.  But there are so many other options out there! And any one of these can be made into a quesadilla. First, some tips:

Grease for the bread: We use ghee (clarified butter) in our house, but you can even brush olive oil on the outside of your sandwich.

Heat source: Cast iron makes GREAT Grilled Cheese.  On our first Fall camping excursion, I had the joy of experiencing real Grilled Cheese.  Like, on a hot grill.  Over fire.  It was heaven!

Cheese: If you slice your own cheese, make sure you slice it thin enough.  Too thick, and the bread burns before the cheese melts. Too thin, and you might as well just call it two slices of toast!

Pizza Grilled Cheese

Use Fresh Mozzarella, your favorite marinara or pizza sauce, and olives, onions, mushrooms, or whatever your favorite pizza toppings are!

Pesto Avocado Spinach

Smear pesto on the inside of the sandwich slices, layer mozzarella and goat cheese with slices of avocado and spinach leaves.  Yum!

Avocado Tomato

Big fat slices of the last of the garden tomatoes, with mashed or sliced avocado.  Sprinkle a little cumin and cayenne on the avocado!

3 Cheese Grilled cheese

Not feeling veggies on your GC? Are you a Grilled Cheese purist, just bread, oil, and cheese? Who says you should go with just one? I like to mix Muenster, Provolone, and Swiss.  It makes for an interesting mashup! Experiment with the cheeses you enjoy to make your own recipe.

Grilled it up, then Bless and Enjoy!

Pair your Grilled Cheese creation with a fun Sangria or a Nut Brown Ale.  Or even a Marzen in celebration of Oktoberfest! Prost!

Written by: Holly Kiefer