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The Dalai Mama used to have me baby-sit for my younger brother every Friday night.  She would go bowling and my father would go socializing as she did her favorite activity.  I of course felt this to be entirely too unfair.  By the time I was a senior in high school babysitting the 9-year-old little brat was never my idea.

One evening before my mother left for her weekly entertainment I asked her why I always had to stay home with the snot nose.  She responded that this is a gift she gives herself to keep mentally balanced.  What?

I was at an age that I felt the world revolved around me so I really didn’t make any sense of her statement until I became a mother.  When I found out I was pregnant with our oldest son I called my mother about college.  I remember telling her that I was too tired and sick for class to which she responded, “If you quit something that you love you will resent all those around you, most of all your husband.”

I finished school then went on to finish graduate school.  The Dalai Mama was right.  I have a wonderful career that adds to my life in so many ways.  I was once a phone call away from quitting my dreams because I thought being a mother would paralyze me; little did I know that being a mother is what would give me the strength, motivation and dedication to become amazing.  I love the way they look at me and the way they describe me to other people.  I believe that her words are the reason why I love my reflection in my sons’ eyes.

Harvesting you inner spirit is just as important as being a super-hero-mother, carreer woman or wife. If you don’t spend time gardening your inner peace how can you keep the weeds out of your relationship?  Pull the voluntary unwanted shrubs and leave room for the beauty of life.  Sooner or later you will have to like yourself enough to spend quality time with…. you!

Written by: Rachel Sorensen