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In my best texting social networking voice I must make the title speak of shock, pleasant shock that is!  I am not a Cosmopolitan reader by trade; I was simply caught off guard a few months ago by a few teaser words splashed in the front cover (which BTW the monthly headline teasers are completely covered at local newsstands for a reason).  In Cosmo September 2012 edition the titles spoke of:

25 Sex Moves He Secretly Wishes You’d Try

The Naughty Orgasm Trick Couples Love

To be followed by additional shocking titles the next month. October of 2012 promised:

25 Ways to Kiss a Naked man

Feel More Pleasure! 16 things that Give You an instant Rush

Kama Sutra Bad-Girl Edition

Who could resist buying magazines that could teach us how to harvest our relationship in ways we never thought of before. Well I couldn’t, so in the cart another issue went.  I brought it home.  After a few giggles from a couple of the sons who glanced by the covers I decided to sit down and find out what was hanging between the pages of this naughty little magazine.

To my delight the articles were written well.  They are easy to read, have nice diagrams and are easy to follow instructions (when instructions and diagrams are warranted).  I was even more thrilled to walk into the living room finding Mr. Sorensen, legs crossed, hot tea in hand reading the October 2012 edition cover to cover.  After he was finished he looked at me with his eye raised and said, “hum…interesting,” Grinning from ear to ear he couldn’t hide his satisfaction in the Cosmo research.

After 18-years of marriage I find that certain writing can be very uplifting in our relationship.  I am not shy about reading or researching ways to keep our relationship well harvested.  I am contemplating a subscription to Cosmopolitan just so that I have something to write on the Cozy Couples blog, I’m thinking a Cosmo monthly review might be fun.

Written by: Rachel Sorensen