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I never really got this saying before.  I always thought I could talk about almost anything around my friends and family until this election year.

Every Holiday I would be witness to one relative or another getting offended by opinion offered which differed from their own.  Usually with an alcoholic beverage in hand the yelling would start after the turkey was carved and end as we all got ready to leave.  It wasn’t a fight like “I’m never talking to you again” but just a quasi-friendly difference of opinion.  When I would ask about the nature of the spatting the Dalai Mama would reply that one should not talk about politics or religion with guests in your home, it’s just a good rule she would say with a smile and a wink.  This year I would like to add sexual orientation to that list.

It was absolutely amazing how many people ‘unfriended” or “unliked” or “unfollowed” friends they had for years over this years political subjects:  A mormon running for office, a black man as president, the freedom to marry acts introduced by many states, women’s rights and lets not forget how the rich “screw” the rest of us. This election seemed more like a circus act then a choosing of the best person to run the most powerful nation in the world.

I made the mistake of bring up a few of these topics on Thanksgiving. I found out really fast who is a racist and who is a sexist or both for that matter.  Which on many levels had me wondering how we all grew up together?   I began to ponder whether or not my position in the social service field leaves me a bit more accepting of others? Unlike many other people in this world I allow others to differ in their opinions from my own, I wish I was allowed the same courtesy.

I will tell you lesson learned I will stay clear of politics, religion and sexual orientation at the Christmas table because there are just things you don’t talk about with guests.

Written by: Rachel Sorensen