1. Go to the bank. Withdraw $1000 in $1 bills. Send your lover a note inviting them to “roll in dough” with you.
2. Send the kids packing. Prepare dinner wearing an apron that says: Kiss the cook.
3. Compose a poem. Record yourself reading it to your lover. (You can probably use their phone to do this.) Send your lover a message telling them where to find their poem.
4. Hide mini-treasures around your house (inside and/or outside). Give your lover clues so sh/e can find each one. The last treasure leads to you (doing whatever you want your lover to see.)
5. Learn to sing a song your lover really likes. Give your lover a solo performance.
6. Learn to dance. Surprise your partner with a night out/in dancing.
7. Create a one-act play starring the two of you.
8. Learn all the lines to a romantic movie scene. Act it out together.
9. While your lover is away, get a big box — large enough for you to fit inside. Put a sign on the outside that reads: A gift for you! Hide in it just before your lover arrives home. (You also might want to write your lover’s name on the sign.)
10. Create “mood lighting.” Put in your favorite music. Throw blankets and pillows on the floor. Have a tray of bite-size fruit and cheese nearby. Listen and chat.
11. Have a snowball fight.
12. Go sledding.
13. Go ice/roller skating
14. Pitch a tent under the stars in your backyard.
15. Have a water fight.
16. Go for a walk/bike ride.
17. Make chocolate-covered strawberries. Feed them to each other.
18. Blindfold your lover. Create various sensations for your lover using feathers, ice, jello-o — whatever!
19. Go to a water park/playground/amusement park without your children during the week.
20. Go fishing.
21. Go hiking in a local forest.
22. Take a class together at a community college.
23. Create code names for each other. Use them in all written communications for the entire day/week.
24. Make a list of five things you love about each other. Wrap it in a gift box. Give it to each other on the fourth Thursday of the month.
25. Have sex.

Wow! There you have it ladies and gentlemen — 25 frugal ways to entertain your lover. I have to admit, I didn’t think I could do it. It just goes to show you that with a little sticktoitiveness (and a creative bent) it’s pretty easy coming up with ways to have a little, or a lot of fun, with your favorite person.

Good luck!