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Ghee and Pesto Drizzled over Popcorn

At least in my house it is.  If I’m seriously crushed for time, feeling lazy, watching a movie, or the popcorn bowl is clean…we’ll have popcorn for dinner.  I have to buy the stuff in bulk.

(Why in the world am I writing about popcorn as a meal? Our theme this month, as you might have noticed, is on entertainment.  Popcorn is the ultimate food to consume while watching movies, TV, playing games, entertaining friends, etc.  Anyone who says otherwise has obviously never had popcorn.  Ever.)

I grew up eating the good stuff at grandma’s house, cooked in a heavy bottom kettle in oil, then doused in melted butter and salt.  It gave me a stomach ache, but it was delicious.  At home it was microwave or in the Stir Crazy.  The Stir Crazy terrified me; I was always scared that when I flipped it over, I’d drop it on my face.

I was such a logical kid.

The two and a half years I had braces were supposed to be popcorn free.  I made it a month or two.  If my face was gonna hurt on and off for TWO AND A HALF YEARS, you can bet I wasn’t giving up popcorn.

Now I use an air popper, but I add my homemade ghee (clarified butter), salt, and/or a bunch of other toppings.

What would those be? I’m glad you asked.

Start with quality popcorn.  There are some great organic options with minimal Old Maids (those kernels that just won’t pop).  I like Natural Value 100% Organic Yellow Popcorn.

Option 1: Melt some ghee, and add hemp powder (a complete protein).  After drizzling this mixture over popped popcorn, I’ll sprinkle turmeric, nutritional yeast (salty), pepper and garlic powder on, toss it up real good, and boom.  Have napkins.  Prepare to have yellow fingers.

Option 2: Melt some ghee.  Mix pesto into the melted ghee.  A smoother pesto means fewer chunks in the final product.  Drizzle/dribble mixture over and toss to coat.  Sprinkle some parmesan over top!

Option 3: This one sounds a little out there, but I promise it’s yummy.  Melt even parts ghee, honey and peanut butter.  Add soy sauce and garlic powder to taste.  Drizzle this gooey mixture over popcorn, liberally coat w/ nutritional yeast, and toss.  It’s sweet and savory, surprisingly tasty.

If you can’t bear the thought of just eating popcorn for dinner, go make you and your love some grilled cheese sandwiches.  Just make sure to cut them on the diagonal.  

Leinenkugel makes a lovely Snowdrift Vanilla Porter that goes well with everything this time of year.  As for wine, go for sweet and fizzy.  Think Moscato d’Asti.

Bless and Enjoy!