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Check out 100things.personality.visualdna.com for an interesting take on personality quizzes. SLE and I completed it (without each other knowing.) Later, it came up in a conversation. There were a few amusing insights:

My husband is romantic.
I’m romantic.

* You would never guess this about either of us. We’re pretty bad at celebrating our successes or milestone achievements. Still, the best Valentine gift he ever gave me was a book of ALL of our email exchanges, from our first meeting in June of 2002 through Valentine’s Day 2003. We met, had four dates in a two-week period, then separated. He attended school in California. I worked in New York City. It was the start of our relationship and we were apart for the first three months. In retrospect, it really made our relationship stronger. Throughout our courtship, we were often apart because of my work. The upside was that I could spend my down week anywhere I wanted, or I could fly him to see me. That’s how we ended up together for our first Valentine’s Day. I made arrangements for him to see me.

My husband is LESS of an introvert than I am.
I was 100% introvert according to the test.

* No one who knows us will EVER believe this one. I can hear them laughing now.

We both ranked pretty high on the curiosity meter, though he was higher.

* That surprised me (not that his was so high, but that mine wasn’t higher than 75%.)

We’re both “glass half full” people with energy to spare.

* Neither of these was a surprise. We’re go-getter types. Sure, some new idea might scare us, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do it!

Case in point: I signed up for a 5K run. In January, I decided to stop drinking wine for 31 days and to start running. I hate running. Today, I completed a run at the gym. My daughter ran around doing her version of laps. When I finished, I assumed the plank position to create an obstacle for her to jump over.

“Why are you an obstacle?” she asked.

“Because obstacles keep things interesting,” I replied.

It’s true. A glass half full person sees obstacles through a different lens and has energy to spare while tackling them.

The quiz wasn’t perfect. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’m not going to share why or how I believe it could be improved. Get cozy with your loved one and take the quiz. Maybe you’ll discover some new and interesting tidbits about your lover.