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Interesting enough when I think about the failures in my life for some odd reason it always reverts back to what I lack monetarily.  I preach about being satisfied with the little things in life.  I stand at my pulpit and shout out how love conquers all.  I must have little songs playing in my head so loud that I can’t hear the sound of my own voice.  As a therapist I am rather good at convincing clients money isn’t everything… but is it?

Those of us who don’t have any would argue, energetically may I add, that it sure doesn’t hurt the situation which is life. Those of us with some to spare tend to hold onto every single penny so tightly while trying to say that love is not symbolized by a dollar signs.  Ya right if that is true hand it over!  Those of us in the middle, well some days we preach about love and some days we lament not having enough possessions.  This thing called money puts us in quite an uproar but should it cause us to measure our failures according to what we have and what we don’t?

I was watching an episode of Beautiful Homes on HGTV which is a show completely centered around how much money really can buy.  I found myself wanting a bigger kitchen, now for all of my readers whom know me personally it is a fact that my kitchen is amazing in its own right.  I also found myself wanting a new theatre system, a 2 man luxury shower, a new pool, an extravagant outside kitchen and quite possibly a rare Buddha statue in the front yard.  Practical?? No not for a middle class family raising four children but it doesn’t stop me from thinking of ways to make more money.

What would life look like if what we had was enough especially when we have so much already?  I will tell you the daunting thought that I am a financial failure would lessen my stress by leaps and bounds. I wouldn’t take the early years of our life together as 10 years of failure because we didn’t have pennies to rub together.

Funny how when I think of having my children at a young age I don’t think about how much love I gave to them but how I didn’t have a nursery with matching furniture made by Ethan Allen. I also think about how I’ve never taken the children to Disney World.  We tend to measure our failures on how much money we have to throw around but I would like to challenge everyone to measure your successes not by money but by personal happiness.

I have 5 people who say good morning to me and 5 people who hug and kiss me goodnight.  There are 4 boys who call me mom and one man who calls me his wife. Two parents who are still married that are proud to call me daughter and 2 siblings that shout out how much they adore me.  Don’t even get me started on the cuddlyness (yes I made that word up) of my two nieces.  I am loved by many friends despite what I do for a living or where I live.

How are you loved?

Written by: Rachel Sorensen