My recipe this month is totally a copout.  It’s St Patty’s Day.  I may or may not have been drinking homemade irish cream already.

So you get drink recipes.  Since the Irish drink and fight, right?

Stout Ice Cream Float

A couple scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream in a pint glass with your favorite dark brew poured over top.  Pour slowly! It fizzes mightily!2013-03-17_17-14-04_493

Baby Guinness

Fill a shot glass 3/4 full of kahlua or another coffee liqueur.  Float a bit of irish cream on top.  (floating ain’t easy.  It helps to slowly pour the irish cream over a spoon into the shooter with a veeeerrrrryyyy steady hand.)

Irish Margarita

Use irish whiskey (we like Bushmills or Jameson, Tullemore Dew is nice too) in place of tequila in your favorite margarita recipe.  

Irish Mule

Like a Moscow Mule, but with Jameson.  Plenty of kick.

The nastily named Irish Boilermaker

Fill a pint with your favorite Irish Stout.  If yer gonna do it, do the full pint.  Pour a shot, half Irish Whiskey, half Irish Cream.  Drop the shot in the pint and chug.  Give yourself a few minutes before your next drink.  No, really.  Have some water.

Now to complete the stereotype, go punch someone who’s drinking a green beer.  Bud Light? Really? They were kinda asking for it.  

*ducks, runs into the nearest pub*

Sláinte Mhaith!