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I read for pleasure and as you may have guessed I also write for pleasure.  My best friend handed me a set of books recently and told me they were a must read.  I had heard of the novels but never thought the content would be worth reading.  So when I picked up Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James I turned 50 shades of red within the first few chapters despite which I was compelled to read on.

Bondage really?!  I think I was taught handcuffs and whips were a sin?  Maybe that was chains and flogs or was it fish net pantyhose?  I am not sure what I was taught because my parents never made comment about that area of their lives.  Much like my children would never know these little books sparked my curiosity.  It is completely the business of the reader.

As I was partaking in these sinful little novels I proclaimed they sucked!  Every word every page and eventually I said every book.  However I did finish all them all and I found myself searching Amazon.com for related novels.  So was I really as disgusted as a spoke or was I just worried that someone would find me barbaric?

If I were to be completely honest with myself I would find that I enjoyed them. Not because they were a piece of literary genius but because they were entertaining. Sometimes it’s worth a million bucks just to mindlessly entertained for a couple of hours.  They didn’t hurt my love life either,  I found that I needed a notebook for ideas.

My mind began to wonder about which hot movie actor would play a good Christian Grey, as all good Vampire Diaries fans would probably agree it would have to Ian Somerhalder for sure!   I do not have an opinion on Anastasia, just please I hope they don’t use Kristen Stewart.

I must say the only thing that really bothered me about the books is the controlling undertones to the point of abuse, but that is the therapist in me not the romance novelist!

Scale 0-5

Romance Rating- 3, some of the subject matter got in the way of romance

Erotica Rating- 4, not quite as bad as some of the other books out there

Mystery- 2, had some but I like a little more

Thrill- 2, again had some but I definitely like more

These are the books that compare to the level of naughtiness.

Scale 0-5

  1. Twilight
  2. Stieg      Larson- The Dragon Tattoo series
  3. Sookie      Stackhouse- Trueblood
  4. Fifty      Shades of Grey
  5. Sleeping      Beauty Series- Anne Rice/Anne Roquelaure

Written by Rachel Sorensen