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Approximately 2 falls ago I gave my husband permission to purchase a manly machine.  Well let me restate that, we came to the decision together that for my husband’s 40th birthday he would purchase an American muscle car… a 2010 Chevy Camaro in cyber grey.new camero

The next two years went off without a ding, dang or dong in the car.  Oh wait I lie… Mr. Sorensen backed his car into our oldest son’s car the very next morning after or son said “dad you have the Camaro at a weird angle, you are going to his my car.” to which Mr. Sorensen replied, “I know how to drive it will be fine”! Well it wasn’t fine! Damage was minor I admit but visible none the less.

Let me restate the color of my husband’s car before I continue the story.  It is grey which in the sun it is a shade off the color of cement, however on a wet cloudy day it is the color of cement.  On a cloudy Wednesday we (as in all the members of the Sorensen household minus the husband) got into the rather large SUV and began our journey over to the church for youth group.

I would like to state again that it was cloudy outside, it was winter and we were heading into night hours so visibility may have been less than ideal.  We have a crack in the garage floor that tends to heave during cold weather.  I have grown accustom to slightly laying on the gas to exit the garage over the heaved crack. I had also been startled a couple of weeks prior when I accidently hit the garage foor.  I may have been cranking the wheel to angle the SUV left out of the garage but I couldn’t really say either way.  That particular evening Mr. Sorensen decided to leave his “baby” sitting in the driveway.  His mirror was lingering on my side of the driveway even.  Well long story short.  We all got into the truck with the radio playing a very sing-along type of song and the next thing I know my husband is crying!

I backed out with Mr. Sorensen standing by his car waiting to get into the passenger’s side and as he watched I hit the darn car!  No I didn’t total it, yes it is still drivable but Lord you might think I shot him in the chest as he hit the truck with is fist yelling, “STOP”!  Well I did…after I sunk my rear right corner of my bumper into his left side passenger fender.  Whoops!

I immediately got out of the vehicle and offered my condolences in the way of …”Oh my God, I am so sorry” and the infamous, “I didn’t do it on purpose”.  However my sorrows quickly faded as he told me he was going to vomit then through his finger up at me and said, “DO NOT follow me into this house, I need a few minutes without seeing you.”  Really??!!! WOW

He was on the phone with the body shop faster then I could spit out I’m sorry again.  It took him a few minutes but he eventually talked to me and said he was sorry about how he treated me.  All is fine in the Sorensen house hold again…crisis survived but my check book is very unhappy!

Did I mention the car is cyber grey?  The color of wet cement? crashed camero

Written by Rachel Sorensen