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I was happily walking the other day when a friend stopped me and said, “Wow look at you getting your workout on!” Quite a compliment considering I haven’t workout out in any serious way since January of this year.  I replied back, “Ya I have to loose this extra ass shelf I have gained! I look like our moms and grandmothers used to.”  We both laughed a bit then looked at each other.  She said back, “You know what you are right.  My mother had the same physique I do now.”

When did our society get to a point were adult women care more about their own health then the health of their children? It seems to be a growing trend to allow children to eat unhealthy and play video games whilst the parents workout and eat low fat, low carb foods.  We stay away from soda but allow our children to make it their primary source of fluid intake.  We eat a salad while they partake in double bacon cheeseburgers and French fries.  Smoothies are made while ice cream malts are served to the children.

Maybe health should be a family priority and not just the priority of a parent who doesn’t want age to catch up with them.

I jokingly replied back to my friend, “in order to work full time and raise four kids I need to throw them some Burger King for dinner to make time to work out the way I need to be skinny.  I refuse!”

Don’t get all uptight…. I still believe a person needs to stay healthy.  I believe a family should commit to physical exercise as much as they can.  I just take issue with parents who don’t think their children need the same rituals.

Working out can be a wonderful coping skill but it can also be the main source of guilt…You know guilt, that little voice inside your head that tells you that you suck every single time you miss your workouts or the little voice that yells about your weight when ever you step on the scale after you have missed said workouts.  If its a family ritual their will be more than just you encouraging involvement.

I say LET IT GO.  Workout when you can, eat well the majority of the time but please consider the health of your children full time! I am not %100 pleased with the way I look but oddly enough I look just like my mother and grandmother used to while they were raising their own children!  Be kind, life is too short!