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I know many dirty words, most of the of the four letter kind. I have often stood in the middle of a room yelling such profound language to make a point. Because you know that when you are making a point nothing gets the other person’s attention like scream at the top of your lungs…..FUCK YOU!

Never in my wildest dreams did ever think the world would start scream “I’m a Christian” at the top of their lungs to get their hateful point across. In fact my usual reply to this is…”no you’re not you’re an asshole!”

Lately being a Christian makes me cringe. Not because I don’t hold true to my faith but because some groups have turned Christianity into a powerful sword. Wait that is not true it hasn’t been just lately. Christians have a long history of being the religious group that takes up arms. From the crusades to the Westboro Baptist Church or reputation for being the biggest bullies continues to spread.

What would happen if we lived our lives according to the way that Jesus lived his? I mean come on that was the point in the whole Messiah thing right?? He led by example and somewhere we veered to the right never to look back.

My daily prayers do not include wiping out the gays or getting rid of the Muslims the Jews or the Hindus, my daily prayers always include helping bring love and joy into everyone’s lives. That is was I was taught about being a Christian.

I would like to live in a world where my faith isn’t considered a dirty 9-letter word. One where I can proudly say to my multicultural, multi-religion, heterosexual and homosexual friends that yes indeed I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. I want Christians to stand up and let go of all the hate that surrounds things we don’t understand and replace it with love, tolerance and respect. That is what Jesus would do. Instead of wearing bracelets and t-shirts lets actually live it!

I am Christian and I do not hate!

I normally write about significant others and how to have the best relationships. Today I needed to write about the relationship we have with others and ourselves.