Rachel Sorensen

Rachel is a full-time mental health and addictions therapist in her own private practice, Awareness Counseling. She is an adjunct professor for the local community college teaching impressionable minds how to be counselors and how to communicate more effectively. Rachel has been married for 16 years to her high school sweetheart. They have four beautiful boys and an amazing tiny dog together. She writes in her spare time in order to keep sanity in her hectic life.

Terry Sorensen

Terry has been married to Rachel for 17 years, and enjoyed every single day of it, seriously – even the “trying” ones. He could not envision anyone else who is a better match for his unique view on the world. He shares with her four of the most energetic boys one could imagine. Terry is a full time mathematics and history educator in a local community Middle School. Unlike Mr. wRight, Terry does enjoy fishing, camping and the occasional golf outing.

Annette van de Kamp-Wright

Parenting by the books is not something that Annette finds attractive, or, for that matter, realistic. Because for that, you’d need ‘by-the-book’ children, and hers are anything but. Of course, if they were, she’d have nothing to write about.

Annette is an editor and mother; she has two kids, ages 6 and 10, two cats, and a husband who needs almost as much parenting as the children.

Whether you’re a couple, or a single, or an entire village, if your parenting skills leave you speechless (for a variety of reasons we won’t go into right now) this is a must read column.

Mr. wRight

Mr. wRight isn’t always right, just most of the time. He has been studying behavioral psychology since the 90’s and has spent over 18,000 hours with clients helping them with their problems. He wants to buy his own functional MRI and do brain scans on mystics.

His children will tell you that he searched 5,000 miles and 6 cities to find the perfect wife, whom they are lucky enough to call Mom.

Holly Kiefer

Holly is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours. She is interested in holistic health, householding, and the perfect bowl of popcorn. She has been with her husband for 14 years; they share their home with two furbabies, Torix and Echo. She is asked on almost a weekly basis “Do you have any idea how lucky you are?” Yes, she does.

Jesse Kiefer

Jesse is an elementary art teacher and freelance cartoonist. He has been with his wife for 14 years. You can read his comics at




Daniel Ben Del

Daniel is a citizen of the planet earth born mid-century (20th) poet, painter and shape shifter, a lover of humanity and the mystical/profane universe our little blue/green planet occupies. West Coast educated and politically reared in mixed bag environment of stifling conservatism and soul freeing liberalism, identifying more as socialist than communist, embracing ,with the zeal of a small child hugging a kitten, Pluralism in everything. Privileged at times to luxury and thrown into the depths of poverty at others, given therefore to a firm belief that having and not having are closer in definition than one might think.

Kori Miller

Kori is a wife, mother, tea merchant and author – not necessarily in that order. She divides her time, unequally, between her various roles, and enjoys the challenge – most of the time! She is the author of several thought-provoking essays, and moving short stories published by Fine Lines Literary Journal. Ms. Miller’s first e-book of personal essays titled “My life in black and white: a book of experiences” was self-published in 2011. It is available via Amazon.com.

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