Submission Guidelines

We are open for submissions in a couple of areas, Flash Me, Featured Couples, Cozy Cupcakes and the Cozy Book Review.  We will also consider high quality romantic poetry.

Basic Submission Requirements:

 Each submission should be sent as an attachment to  The subject should just state the area which you are submitting.  It should be double spaced and in 12 point font New Roman Times or Ariel, please absolutely no “fancy” font. Edit your work before you submit, all of us at Cozy Couples have full-time jobs and editing is not one of them. Please submit only work that is your own and make sure that if it has been published the copyright is expired.  The writer will maintain all ownership of their material this is just a fun site to publish your work for the world to see.  Keep all writing PG-13..think One for the Money or Twilight and not 50 Shades of Grey.   We serve a large audience so please no erotica, horror, profanity or questionable pictures.  Feel free to submit illustrations or pictures with you submissions.  You are also encouraged to write a short 3 line bio about yourself, with this you may include a picture and one contact source, like a Facebook page.

We encourage the writer to keep with the theme of the blog.  Anything that will keep a relationship alive is welcomed, any kind of relationship.  We especially welcome romance in the Flash Me section.

                Flash Me is a collection of flash fiction submissions.  These stories are 500-1000 words long (please state a word count in the subject of the email).  They are short but have a plot, interesting characters and a conclusion. They are not a book synopsis or a sample out of a novel. We chose this as a niche because we realize the time that is spent reading material on a computer is short so why not give the reader an amazing story to read fast?  Please keep with 1st person stories, they tend to be more interesting and easier to write in this format.

Please write about what you know, keep it simple.  Too extravagant and you will lose word space.

                Featured Couple is our “falling in love” stories.

Answering questions like but not limited to: How long you have been together, story of first date, challenges that have been overcome, relationship goals, family description and of course ADVICE to other couples.  All the general requirements apply.  We love photos for these stories so please send one.

               poetry is self explanitory..we love it so have fun!

               Cozy Cupcakes..if you have a favorite recipe and would like to share that would be great.  Again we love pictures!

               Cozy Book Review can be any genre of book that you believe others should read.  You may review erotica as long as the review itself is tasteful without vulgar language.tree by Kris

At this point we can not pay for submissions.  This is just a fun site and we have no ownership to your work.  It is a clever way to get published.  Please be aware we use social media to promote our blog so your story might end up as a tag on those sites.

Once you have submitted the Cozy Couples writers will meet and decide as a group whether to use a submission.  Please remember if you are not writing for fun then don’t write at all!

Image provided by Photos by Kris. Thank you Kristie Webb!

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